Hosier Lane is a well-known and culturally significant laneway found in the heart of the CBD. If you really do not know in which it is, then you’re most likely not from close to in this article.

Hosier and its minor sister, Rutledge, have obtained intercontinental recognition as a centralised place for avenue artwork and graffiti culture. I have touched on the background of Hosier before, but in this article we go again …

The historical past of Hosier Lane is intertwined with Melbourne’s evolution with its historical past courting back to the late 19th century when Melbourne was speedily expanding. The lane was named after a local businessman named Robert Hosier.

Like numerous other laneways in Melbourne, Hosier Lane was initially a support lane, primarily utilized for deliveries and accessibility to buildings for the clothes and substance earning factories and outlets together Flinders Lane.

Nonetheless, it was not till the late 20th century and early 21st century that Hosier Lane commenced to completely transform into the avenue artwork haven it is these days. Andy Mac and Richie BB set up Citylights on the aspect of the Discussion board theatre with authorization from the Mariners. It was a bunch of light packing containers that artists would set shots in, and it would change just about every couple months.

This was a task that was completely timed to enable kickstart the urban artwork movement in 1998. The openings were insane usually massive, amazing events. A second site was set up in Centre Put at the close of Degraves.

Back again then there seriously was no art on the walls. It wasn’t till about 2001 that these lanes commenced to be painted and it was left fairly a lot to the blossoming urban artwork movement exclusively – no tags, no slashing – lovely youthful art transformed these lanes and then flowed out into the community of lanes that Melbourne has the privilege of owning.

Above time, it became a popular, dynamic out of doors gallery and it was regarded the major of its sort in the entire world, showcasing a huge array of inventive kinds, messages, and methods.


The lane grew to become a image of Melbourne’s vibrant and numerous arts scene. It is a testomony to the city’s embrace of street artwork as a valid variety of artistic expression.


Pre-COVID, Hosier Lane drew 9000 visitors a day from all over the world who come to admire the at any time-shifting murals and graffiti, and was voted the variety just one totally free tourist attraction in Australia by Lonely World. It even beat Uluru and the Wonderful Barrier Reef! It had grow to be a will have to-take a look at location for travelers searching to encounter Melbourne’s artistic spirit.

Hosier Lane’s fame has spread far past Melbourne, starting to be an legendary illustration of the city’s cultural landscape on an international scale.

Throughout the earlier four several years Hosier, like considerably of the city’s urban art precincts, has fallen into disrepair and has dropped a whole lot of its charm. It would seem anywhere there is a excellent road art precinct a person is always allowed to make a skyscraper this has ruined a lot of of the crucial street artwork parts in the city.

But the stage of this tale is that three months in the past the complete of Hosier Lane was painted in a darkish gray. Every single artwork was lined, even the ground, and no person appears to know who did it!

I would feel it was govt sanctioned but then the ground would never ever be protected. It was performed with rollers, and it was clumsy in software. And sure, I did paint Rutledge in vacant Nursery Blue but that is due to the fact I wanted to make it seem like a large empty swimming pool. But I wrestle to see the determination of portray it gray.

It’s strange because it would have built the information five years ago, but mainly because Hosier is accomplished, no a person appears to care any more.

The truth of the matter is whoever painted Hosier in grey has truly aided cleanse up the lane – there are now new, new and clean up items the lane has been offered fairly of a facelift and it seems heaps far better.

I do not know who painted Hosier Lane, but I thank you. You have accomplished so significantly to deal with the lane.

You, my close friend, are a hero! •

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