CBD isolate is a crystalline solid or powder that holds 99% pure CBD. The extraction process is fairly simple.  Extraction removes all the current active compounds from the cannabis plant. 

Furthermore, after the initial phase, more refinement is still needed. Refining even further helps strips all other phytocannabinoids, and THC molecules. This leaves behind a pure CBD chemical compound.  When CBD isolates are produced, all other cannabinoids and plant impurities are removed. 

One benefit to using a product that is a CBD isolate, is that you can remove any traces of THC content.  Federal law allows for up to 0.03% THC or less per consumable product. Not all but some consumers want to be sure there are zero traces of THC. Whether it may be a preference or some type of other restriction an isolate CBD product is the way to go. 

CBD isolate may not receive the same hype as pure, 100% hemp-derived CBD extracts. Yet, CBD and hemp consumers are more educated these days and know what is right for them.  CBD isolates are still effective and have become a standard in the busy CBD marketplace.  

Once the refinement process is finished, you are left with  CBD crystals or white powder. This can be added to many different CBD products and deliverables. 

Should I choose CBD Isolate or Full Spectrum CBD?

Choosing Full Spectrum or CBD Isolate is up to the consumers needs and lifestyle.  When choosing a CBD isolate product you may lose some of the other benefiting compounds.  Studies have shown that combining natural cannabinoids and terpenes produce a compound effect. These are not always found when purchasing an isloate product. However, here are benefits when choosing an isolate. 

Some of the benefits of choosing an isolate specific product are the following: 

Knowing the amount of exact dosage of CBD you are receiving in a dosage/product. 

  1. Able to take CBD in multiple forms. 
  2. Taking a product with ZERO THC content. 
  3. Multiple forms.

How is CBD isolate made? 

Manufacturers can produce the exact compounds they need from the cannabis plant. The concentrated CBD is extracted, it is purified for up to 72 hours in a non-solvent vacuum oven. 

Once the CBD is purified, the CBD oil removed from the cannabis plant goes through one last process. This process of extracting the impurities from the CBD is extremely important and is called Winterization. 

Winterization strips unwanted compounds such as terpenes,  flavonoids, and plant matter, that may remain. Once that process is complete, the manufacturer is left with pure CBD powder, which has no levels of THC and is at a level that is 99% pure cannabidiol. Whether you choose an isolate CBD product or a whole plant Full spectrum product, your cannabinoid system will benefit from both. 

 We hope this helped you understand some of the main components of what an isolate CBD product is and helps you make your buying decision an easier one.