CBD & Science How Does It Work?

So what exactly is CBD? It stands for cannabidiol and it’s one of the main chemical compounds found in the Sativa cannabis plant. It has two species, hemp, and marijuana. Hemp is mostly used for medical purposes. Marijuana is common for recreational use as it has rich THC content. In the market, most CBD products are made from industrial hemp. And all legally sold products contain less than 0.3% of THC. It is completely natural and occurs in the flowers of the plant. The plant has been used for medical purposes for over a thousand years. Only recently scientists have started to make more researches and tests about CBD. 

Cannabidiol is often mistaken for another chemical compound called tetrahydrocannabinol(THC). Cannabis is well-known around the world. And mostly because of THC, which causes the ‘high’ effects check out our FAQ’s for more information. CBD instead doesn’t cause any psychoactive effects. It can provide an amazing boost for your health. It will relax your body and mind but won’t cause paranoia or panic attacks. Both THC and CBD hold therapeutic properties. But they both act in different ways with the receptors in our body.

More and more people are looking for a natural cure to replace medical supplements. Many people want to gain the benefits from cannabis but without feeling ‘stoned’. CBD provides therapeutic and healing effects. Researches have shown cannabidiol to treat many diseases. It’s a non-intoxicating and safe option to try for those who are curious about natural remedies. Plus it comes with none or few mild side-effects. That makes it an even greater alternative to pharmaceutic medicines.

Is The Research Real?

Cannabinoids interact with our endocannabinoid system (ECS). They are naturally produced by our bodies. It contains two types of receptors, CB1 and CB2. They are mainly found in our brain and in our central nervous system. They are a big role to maintain our normal body functions. They regulate pain management, homeostatic regulations, and stress recovery. It also has an impact on our appetite, emotional balance, memory, and sleep. So when our ESC doesn’t work properly, it will cause deficiencies that lead to different diseases.

CBD can be consumed either internally or externally. Edibles and CBD oil are popular to treat many diseases. But also topical creams applied on the skin have shown effective results. Other options are vaping and smoking cannabidiol the facts around completed research is getting better and better as time passes. CBD oil under tongue absorbs straight into your bloodstream. This gives you instant effects. Edible products pass through your digestive system before entering to the bloodstreams. This process takes a while longer to feel the impact. The effects are individual and also depend on the quantity what’s enjoyed.

What are the main benefits of CBD That Is Proven With Science?

Cannabidiol is used all over the world for many reasons. It provides a positive impact on healthy adults and remedy for many diseases. It supports your health and well-being and provides a slight lift in mood. So, CBD can provide a life-changing experience for patients struggling with diseases. We have listed a few main purposes where cannabidiol is often used.

1.Pain management

Many promising studies have found the potential healing properties in cannabinoids. Scientists believe that it could become the new alternative painkiller. It has shown success around the world in treating chronic pain. Cannabinoids are located all over our bodies. CB1 receptors are on the pain pathways, in our brain, spine, and nerves. And CB2 receptors take over the immune system and are associated with inflammation. CBD has shown potential interaction with these receptors. According to this connection, CBD can help with pain management and inflammation. Many studies show evidence that cannabinoids can decrease different types of chronic pain. Including arthritis, neuropathic pain, and sclerosis pain. These diseases are also linked with inflammation which is the main cause of pain.

  1. Mental health

There is evidence that medical cannabis has a therapeutic impact on mental issues. Scientists believe cannabinoids improve the symptoms related to mental issues. It has treated depressive disorders, post-traumatic conditions and different types of depression & anxiety disorders. CBD does not cure the disorder, it has shown to make patients feel better according to lower pain levels. Its anti-inflammatory properties ease the pain experienced in the body. It also helps muscles to recover. Larger quantities also provide relaxing effects that will reduce the stress levels. Calmer mind can prevent from feeling restless. This can be helpful for people that struggle with anxiety. CBD oil gives an instant lift on mood and can provide momentary relief for social anxiety. Like speaking in a public place might increase stress levels and make you feel anxious. CBD will give you instant relief but still remains your mental clarity on point.

  1. Sleep

There are many ongoing studies about the connection between CBD and sleep. For now, what we know, cannabidiol has shown a positive impact on sleeping patterns.  Sleeping difficulties might be a consequence of high pain levels or anxiety as well. A larger serving of cannabidiol calms your body and mind. It will make falling asleep easier when your mind becomes calmer. REM sleeping disorder makes people react to their dream with physical actions. Restless body increases the chances of waking up during the night and disturbs the sleep. CBD can be beneficial to improving the quality of sleep by remaining body calm and peaceful. Bad sleep at night keeps you tired during the day. It makes you want to take naps before bedtime. And sooner than you know, your wake-sleep cycle is a one big mess. As mentioned earlier, larger amounts of CBD provides benefits for a good-night sleep. The smaller quantities promotes alertness and helps you stay productive throughout the day. That’s why CBD can help you get your sleeping patterns back to normal.

CBD vs pharmaceutical medicine

Many countries are legalizing cannabidiol for medical purposes. Including Canada, UK, and the United States. Scientists are all the time looking for new remedies that are suitable for long-term use. and can treat many diseases without major side-effects. CBD is 100% natural and comes with no or few harmless side-effects. Unlike medical supplements can cause powerful and harmful side-effects. They can lead to new issues and are not good in the long run. Opioids are an efficient painkiller.  but when used regularly, our bodies become resistant to it. CBD provides pain relief impact without building tolerance. That is another reason why it gains popularity in the medical industry. On top of that, cannabidiol doesn’t cause addiction. Some strong medicines like morphine decreases pain powerfully. But they are very addictive and can’t be used regularly. CBD can give you momentary relief whenever your situation requires extra help. Or in constant use to support your well-being or even treat disorders.


Normal healthy adults can handle cannabidiol well, and will not experience any side-effects. That makes it a great alternative for medical supplements. There still exists a chance to feel mild undesired side-effects. Are you new to using cannabidiol? Your tolerance can be low without earlier experience. And this makes you more vulnerable to potential side-effects. Pure CBD itself is not dangerous and won’t harm you but it can be overdosed according to your personal limits. Too large portions may appear as fatigue, drowsiness, and dryness in the mouth. Some people may recognize changes in appetite. This might affect to slight changes in weight as well. CBD has evidence of lowering blood pressure. If that’s not your goal, it is still good to be aware of it. It is recommended to start slow when starting out with cannabidiol. Depending on your purposes if you feel the need you can slowly increase the dosage. And adjust the serving size until you find the optimal quantity.  The bigger concern about side-effects come when CBD is mixed with other supplements. They may react together and cause undesired effects. There is a potential risk CBD will decrease or increase the power of other medications. So to be safe, consult with your doctor before adding CBD into your daily basis.