Is CBD legal in Florida?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is a chemical compound of the cannabis plant. It has been a hot topic for Floridians according to its legality. The cannabis plant has two species, hemp, and marijuana. It also makes a huge difference when it comes to law and cannabis.

CBD substances that are extracted from hemp plants are legal in Florida. They are made from industrial hemp that is grown and made in the US. Legally sold CBD products contain less than 0.3% of tetrahydrocannabinol. Marijuana instead holds a high quantity of THC. Cannabidiol that is extracted from marijuana, can hold more traces of THC.

It might be above the legal limit and won’t meet the standards of the cannabis law. That makes marijuana-based CBD illegal in the sunshine state. THC is the compound that makes you high and may cause psychoactive effects. Marijuana is popular for recreational use, which is illegal. Holding more than 20grams of marijuana can even lead to imprisonment. However, if you are a holder of MMJ card, you can buy medical marijuana for your treatment. 

Where To Buy CBD in Florida?

You can buy hemp-based CBD products from any retail shop in Florida. It can be a supermarket or a pharmacy that sells cannabidiol infused substances. There are CBD oils, gummies, and many more products available on the market. As long as the products are pure and organic, they provide the same benefits of cannabidiol. If you intend to buy medical marijuana, you need to be a holder of an MMJ card.

To get the card, you have to be diagnosed with a disease that can be treated with marijuana. Also, only legal citizens are eligible to get an MMJ card. Another easy way to buy cannabidiol products is to order online. Before purchasing from the web, make sure there is a legit reputable company behind the products. Quality and safety vary a lot between companies. The companies that can display a Third-Party test results, guarantees high-quality products. It means the CBD is pure and has no traces of heavy metals or solvers. It is also a proof of the very low THC content that also defines its legality. 

Labels and ingredients give you a perfect understanding of each product. The labels can be misleading sometimes. It should tell you the exact CBD quantity so you know what you get. From time to time products are sold as CBD substances when in reality they are made of hemp seed oil. This product is like any other carrier oil and doesn’t contain any CBD. 

Shipping, Selling, And Trading?

Both digital trading and shipping CBD substances are legal in Florida. Whether you are in Miami, Orlando, Tampa or St. Petersburg, the same Floridan law is in force in every city. Wellen can ship the best CBD products fast and legally to your location regardless of your city in Florida. All the products at Wellen’s online shop are Third-Party tested. It means the products pass through a strict exam. It guarantees that all the ingredients of the products are pure, safe and legal to use. It is Wellen’s top priority to provide superior quality. That’s why they contain only organic and vegan ingredients. 

Any business handling cannabidiol extract needs to apply for a Hemp Food Establishment permit. This is required for all shops that are involved in packing or processing CBD products. The permit also allows the retailer to sell products that contain CBD extract. The permit has to be bought every year and it costs $650. 

Florida Laws about CBD 

In 2019, Florida signed a law Senate Bill 1020. It gives a permit to grow industrial hemp and use CBD products. As long as the THC levels remain below 0.3%, the products meet the standards of medical marijuana. This makes it legal to own CBD products and also trade them. 

Many patients have experienced major benefits by using CBD products. There is an MMJ training for doctors. It gives them a right to prescribe medical marijuana as part of the treatment. Without the license, doctors are not allowed to do so. And it may lead to very serious consequences. 


Senate Bill 1020 provides a much larger availability of CBD products in Florida. By legalizing CBD, the State Government is bound to ensure the safety of the products on the market. It also gives freedom for manufacturies to improve new CBD products. This provides a possibility for consumers to get all the potential benefits of cannabidiol. CBD oil has another specific benefit for the State too. About 20% of the population in the state are seniors. At this age chronic diseases are common. CBD holds anti-inflammatory and healing properties. It can give a natural treatment for many patients. Cannabidiol is also known to prevent and even cure many conditions. This is a major plus of legalizing cannabidiol that also provides a natural remedy.