VA marijuana & psilocybin bills die; AZ psychedelics; HI legalization hearing; Veterans research measure; RI bill to criminalize social use withdrawn

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Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) met with three Republican senators to discuss the prospects for marijuana reform this Congress. SAFE Banking was a focus of the conversation.

Reps. Lou Correa (D-CA) and Jack Bergman (R-MI) filed a bill to direct the Department of Veterans Affairs to study the effects of medical cannabis on military veterans with PTSD and chronic pain. Identical Senate companion legislation is scheduled for a committee vote this week.

A Rhode Island senator told Marijuana Moment that he has withdrawn a controversial bill that would have criminalized cannabis use or possession at any gathering of three or more people. It’s being rewritten, he said, but didn’t share details on new provisions.

The Arizona House Military Affairs & Public Safety Committee unanimously approved a bill providing $30 million in grants to support clinical trials on the medical potential of psilocybin mushrooms to treat PTSD, depression, anxiety, long COVID and other conditions.

Virginia House committees killed Senate-passed bills to allow recreational marijuana sales to begin and to reschedule psilocybin while creating an advisory board to study therapeutic access to the psychedelic.

The Hawaii Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on a marijuana legalization bill, with the chair indicating plans to vote on the proposal on Thursday. A separate legal cannabis measure will also receive a hearing on Wednesday.

A new poll found that three out of four North Carolina voters support legalizing medical cannabis—including majorities of Democrats, Republicans and independents.

The New Jersey Supreme Court issued an opinion clarifying how the state’s marijuana expungements law affects pretrial intervention eligibility for people who commit new offenses.


The Health Resources and Services Administration tweeted, “Beware of marijuana edibles that look similar to snacks and candy this Valentine’s Day. These copycat edibles may have high levels of active marijuana and can lead to an accidental edible overdose.”

The Food and Drug Administration awarded a contract for services related to cannabis-derived product data.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) tweeted, “There are also many young Americans who spend their days dazed from using marijuana all day and unfortunately confused. While some people use marijuana for medicinal reasons or PTSD, and some people say they are able to perform well while using marijuana, there are still some people who don’t. Not everyone can work or think very well while they are stoned all day, and for some it even creates more mental problems. We aren’t all the same folks. Just like alcohol impairs abilities so does marijuana.”


Oregon Gov. Tina Kotek (D) recommended a temporary head for the Liquor and Cannabis Commission. Separately, regulators expanded a recall of cannabis vape products with prohibited additives.

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis (D) is scheduled to speak at a National Cannabis Industry Association event on Wednesday.

Massachusetts’s attorney general said her office is “looking into many investigations” regarding cannabis businesses.

The South Dakota House of Representatives approved a bill allowing hemp products in process to have up to 5 percent THC content. Separately, regulators issued a recall of medical cannabis products.

Maryland’s House speaker posted a video cheering legislation to set regulations for marijuana sales.

Kansas House Democrats tweeted that legalizing cannabis would be a priority if the party was in charge of the legislature.

Utah’s Senate minority leader spoke about her therapeutic psilocybin bill.

The New Mexico  House Government, Elections and Indian Affairs Committee removed a section of a bill that would have allowed cannabis regulators to hire compliance officers with police powers. Separately, the Senate Health and Public Affairs Committee approved legislation to change the renewal period for medical cannabis patient cards from three years to two years.

Pennsylvania representatives plan to file legislation creating a new permit for farmers and other small agricultural ventures to grow medical cannabis. Separately, a senator said lawmakers are “working hard to craft the most comprehensive adult use legislation.”

A Florida marijuana legalization ballot initiative campaign received another $5.5 million contribution from Trulieve.

New Jersey regulators published guidance on safer cannabis use.

Vermont regulators will host a cannabis social equity networking event on product registration on Thursday.

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The Las Vegas, Nevada City Council is expected to consider rules for marijuana consumption lounges as soon as Wednesday.

Boston, Massachusetts’s Cannabis Board will meet on Thursday.


Ireland’s government announced a citizen’s assembly on drug use to be held this spring.

Officials from the European Medicines Agency and Germany’s Federal Institute of Drugs and Medical Devices coauthored a journal article providing an overview “of the European regulatory context for potential therapeutic uses of psychedelics in mental disorders.”

Argentina’s minister of science, technology and innovation tweeted about work to regulate medical cannabis and hemp.

A Western Australia lawmaker used Valentine’s Day Parliament question time to ask the women’s interest minister whether women who “regularly partake in cannabis enjoy a healthier and more fulfilling sex life.”


A study suggested that “phytocannabinoids can be promising topical antimicrobial agents when searching for novel therapeutic candidates for different skin conditions.”

A review concluded that “with its sustainability as a plant as well as its distinctive useful property of the seed protein, hemp has promising value in the development of new foods.”


SNDL Inc. is laying off approximately 85 employees.

Workers at  Captain Jack’s Dispensary in San Bernardino, California voted to unionize with the Teamsters.

Michigan retailers sold $207.3 million worth of legal marijuana products in January.

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