CBD Chocolate Mint Truffles

Now, this is one of the easiest mint truffles you’ll ever make, and its vitalized with Mint CBD tincture. CBD is considered a superfood and having it as an ingredient takes what is otherwise considered an obscene indulgence and turns into something beneficial. Our recipe uses WELLEN’s own premium CBD tincture, which contains zero THC!

Why We are Fans of CBD Chocolate Mint Truffles?

Well, for a number of reasons, but the big one being that it is beneficial to our health and tastes great as an added bonus. It is one of the few healthy treats that taste great, and you can’t have enough of it. Furthermore, apart from the CBD content, the truffles are packed with low carb, superfoods. The third reason being that once you have everything, it is easy to put together and make. All that’s required is to cool down everything. No need to wear those fancy new baking mittens.

This recipe will end up making 12 truffles, and each one will be around an inch thick. Though you are free to vary the thickness as you see fit.


1 tbsp of honey, or maple syrup.

3 tsp of monk fruit.

½ cups of raw cacao powder.

1 Cup of Coconut Oil that’s been fully melted.

¼ cups of almond butter.

1tsp of vanilla extract.

2x droppers, which will be used to make sure that we’re adding the right quantity of our hemp oil tincture with peppermint flavor. However, you can use one that does not have peppermint favor and just add peppermint extract in its place.

Preparation Instructions For Your Mint Truffle

Now, if your coconut oil appears to be semisolid, or it appears hazy, then you’ll need first to melt it. You will want to melt the coconut oil over a slow flame, then take it off and add it to a high-speed blender. Highspeed blenders will make short work of everything, but you can also use a regular blender though you might have to run it for a longer time.

Add, monk fruit, honey, raw cacao powder, almond butter, and vanilla extract to the blender too. Blend it until it is smooth and then pour it into an 8×8 glass baking sheet. Let the mixture cool and then put it in the fridge for an hour.

When it cools down, cut it into small squares. You should have 12 equal part squares, and let it sit for a while until it softens up. It should take around 5 minutes, after which you can roll the squares into balls and dip them into your raw cacao nibs, hemp seeds, cocoa powder, or coconut powder. You can also make a variety of them.

Note: If you use WELLEN’s CBD, you’ll roughly have around 2mg per truffle. However, adding more CBD will up the dosage. That’s something we don’t advice on doing unless you are the only one whose going to consume it. Our CBD oil is exceptionally pure, and so it takes a while getting used to it so you might want to start with what we recommend in this recipe