Is CBD legal in Tennessee 

One of the questions most frequently asked by people is CBD legal in Tennessee? The reason why many are asking this question is because CBD can now be purchased from just about anywhere online. Pills, beverages, inhalers, and even baked goods now boast of having CBD. People dealing with specific health issues like chronic pain can easily buy CBD oil online for a few dollars. 

The easy availability of CBD products confuses, especially concerning the legality of the product. Many potential buyers in Tennessee want to be extra sure that they are buying a legal product. 

While the question is apparently straightforward, answering it will require going into a little detail about state and federal laws. So, that’s what we’ll do in this article to explore the legality of CBD oil. 

State Defined Medical Marijuana 

In Tennessee, the law concerning medical marijuana is complex. Over the years, various Senate Bills concerning this have made things unclear. It is that muddiness of the law that leads many to ask ‘is CBD legal in Tennessee?’ However, Senate Bill 2125, which was signed in 2016, excludes the use or sale of cannabis oil that has THC concentrations of 0.6% or lower. 

Also, in 2016 the House Bill 2144 was signed, which established that people with medical conditions could legally possess CBD oils. However, there the concentrations of THC shouldn’t be over 0.9%, and they would need to have a prescription or be diagnosed with epilepsy. It is required for a doctor to make a diagnosis before that person is legally considered for CBD oil of concentrations of THC up to 0.9%. 

So Is CBD Oil Legal in Tennessee? 

Yes! For the most part of the CBD oil is derived from hemp, it can be purchased legally. CBD oil that’s derived from hemp mainly falls under a couple of other hemp derivatives, which tend to be legal under US Federal Law. However, in Tennessee, it is the concentrations of THC in the oil that defines if it is legal for everyone or certain people, usually with medical conditions. 

The legal status of recreational marijuana, though, is a whole different thing. People who use marijuana for recreational purposes in Tennessee or are found in possession of it will face legal consequences. However, that’s not the case if its use is medically approved marijuana. 

½ ounces or less is classified as being a misdemeanor for a first offender, which entails a $250 fine and a year in jail. However, subsequent offenses are also classified as misdemeanors, but the fines are higher at $500 and 12 months in prison.   

The sale and trafficking of marijuana is also a felony. The time you spend in jail for it will depend on the amount being trafficked or sold. 

Back in 2016, Nashville and Memphis decriminalized the possession of cannabis for small amounts or as some would put it “recreational amounts.” In the past, the police would file an immediate charge with a max fine of $2500.

Why Senate Bill 280 is Important for CBD Oil Use and Sale?

One of the reasons why CBD oil is legal to buy and use in Tennessee is Senate Bill 280, which was passed in 2015. The bill legalizes possession and use of the marijuana plant and its derivatives to treat conditions like epilepsy.

Interestingly the bill does not mention that it is legal to sell marijuana or CBD oil in Tennessee. So, people who want to buy and use the oil need to get it from outside of the state. Also, users are required to have proof of CBD oil’s legal acquisition for it not to be considered a misdemeanor offense. It is also mandated by the law for the bottle of oil to be labeled by the manufacturer, clearly showing not having a THC level of above 0.9%.

Low THC CBD Oil Regulation Leaves Out Many Patients

It is apparent that Tennessee adds numerous legal hurdles for people who either want to sell or use CBD oil as well as other hemprelated products. It is also fortunate that the legal definition of those needing to use CBD oil and its levels of THC are severely limited, which leaves people suffering from numerous conditions out in the cold.

Even though studies have shown that low-THC, and high CBD oil, as well as other marijuanarelated products, have been highly successful at treating people with seizures, the number of these individuals in the state is very low. However, it is even smaller when you compare it to the number of people who could be benefiting from the use of CBD with higher levels of THC, i.e., above 0.6% to 0.9%. So, patients suffering from HIV/AIDS, PTSD, Crohn’s disease, severe nausea, chronic pain, and spasms will all be left behind in Tennessee.

It should also be noted that higher levels or concentrations of THC may be needed to help relieve many different conditions. CBD oil with higher levels of THC has been shown to offer relief to people suffering from nausea, chronic pain, going through chemotherapy, and Crohn’s disease.

While the federal government has recognized the high value that CBD oil with high THC concentrations offers, that’s been ignored in Tennessee. The FDA approved a prescription drug that uses a synthetic form of THC called Marinol in 1985, proving the effectiveness of THC.


The question you’re probably asking is, where do you stand in all of this as perhaps someone who wants to use CBD oil to relieve knee pain? Well, you are free to use and possess CBD oil with THC concentrations of less than 0.6% purchased from a reputed seller with a clear indication of the THC level. However, the CBD oil you use will have to be bought from outside the state. One way to do it would be to buy online.

Many online stores are reputed and legal, so you shouldn’t worry about ending up with something that’s either illegal or ineffective. Just make sure to check the licensing, location, and reviews of the online store before making a purchase.