Is CBD legal In Charlotte, North Carolina?


CBD is making its way into more and more products and they have become more commonly used by many people around the world and the USA  in recent years. Right now you can find a lot of different types of products with CBD in them – from CBD oils, CBD gummies to all kinds of ready to eat types of products. 

Consumers are demanding more and more from the makers of CBD products, thus the amount of products with CBD in them that is available to buy is constantly growing and there are plenty to choose from already, as well as their overall quality got a lot better since the time they were first recognized and because of more demanding customers and more competing companies, it will only get better. 

To follow that, the federal and state agencies that are making sure the citizens are protected from dangerous products are slowly keeping up with the markets and making new laws that are making the products more safe and legal.

First, let’s get to know some new words that you will see on CBD products like CBD

Let’s start with some definitions first, so you can better understand what exactly the text you’re reading or what you are hearing about CBD products is referring to and what it means. You will also be able to understand better what the government agencies are referring to in their laws about CBD products.

  • CBD

You can find the CBD labelled on the products like CBD oils and CDB edibles that are marijuana/hemp-derived products with less than 0.3% THC and high CBD in them. CBD refers to “cannabidiol” or “cannabidiolum”.

  • cannabidiol

The scientific name for CBD. It doesn’t have the same or similar psychoactivity effects on humans as THC. It is often used in threatening Epilepsy.

  • CBD oil

It’s the oil that is derived from leaves and flowers of marijuana, comes with many therapeutic benefits and has very low THC levels.

So, are the CBD products legal in the Uncle Sam eyes in Charlotte, North Carolina?

You might have already heard about many positive and therapeutic effects of using CBD products, especially CBD oil on us, humans. The question you are probably asking yourself right now, the important one to stay on the good side and be a good citizen, is about the legality of CBD products in Charlotte, North Carolina.

CBD products are subject to both state laws and federal laws. The CBD oil from hemp as of now is legal under Federal law.

According to the information that we found, published on one of the government-owned websites, it is completely legal to sell, buy and use a product like CBD oil. 

So the short answer to the question in the heading is: YES.

According to the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (the state’s Food and Drug Protection Division) and its announcement from Feb. 8, 2019 stated that CBD products can be legally sold. 

Specifically, the CBD oil is permitted to be sold and bought by customers without breaking the law.

In addition to that, the FDA agrees that hemp seed oil products are “generally recognized as safe”.

But… there are still some concerns though about the legality of using hemp in food and alcoholic beverages products (sold as already done for you). It’s not yet clear if producing and selling food and beverages with CBD in them is legal or not, so as of now it’s better not to buy them, until the legal situation and the government view of them becomes more clear and defined by law.

You can take a look at the State Cannabis Programs map below to check out the current state of the legality of cannabis across the United States of America:


CBD products, especially CBD oils can be legally sold and used in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Now it should be clear, based on the information provided by government agencies responsible for the regulatory part of the market where CBD products are, that products like CBD oil and others with CBD inside them can be legally sold, bought and used by people in the state of North Carolina.

If you are still looking for more information to read and expand your knowledge on CBDs and how they are seen by federal and state laws, you can check out the link to the sources we have posted in the bottom of this article.

So now you know that you can legally buy and use the CBD products and next step would be to check out our CBD oils that are USA Grown, Industrial Registered, Farm Bill Compliant and come in 3 different sizes: 500mg, 1000mg and 1500mg. You can also choose your favourite flavour from 4 different ones available: Natural, Mint, Citrus, Berry.



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