Is CBD legal in California?

More and more states are legalizing marijuana for medical or/and recreational purposes. The legal status still varies between the states. California is one of the few states where it’s is legal for both medical and recreational use. In 2018 California state legalized marijuana with proposition 64. So, in other words, all CBD products are legal no matter if it’s hemp or marijuana-based. As the Drug Enforcement Administration categorized marijuana as a Schedule I substance. CBD is not an illegal cannabis constituent anymore.

The products must be bought from licensed shops. The risk of non-licensed retailers comes often in false labeling and advertising. And in the end, you never know what you are consuming. Researches have shown 70% of the labels been misleading. Some products contain more THC than what is written in the label. This can lead to intoxication and hyperactive behavior. Other substances may have harmful additives like heavy metals and pesticides to replace pure CBD extract. CBD oil normally has low levels of THC and is mostly used to calm the mind and body. Too high THC content may impact these effects and even cause the opposite results. The only restriction is for operating cafes and restaurants. They are not allowed to put CBD extract into food and drinks.

How to buy legal CBD in California?

Many platforms say CBD is legal in every way in California. There is a little misleading message when it comes to selling items. Only licensed retailers are allowed to sell cannabidiol infused products. They can sell both hemp and marijuana-derived CBD products. Residents or visitors have to be over 21 years old to use and buy CBD and marijuana substances for recreational use. For medical purposes, the age limit lays at the age of 18. To buy these products, you need to have a valid ID-card or passport that is processed by the government. 

You can also buy CBD oil online. Keep in mind a few things before buying any products. First, you want to buy only pure and organic products. The company should be trustworthy and provide high-quality CBD. Find out what extraction process is used to make the CBD oil and is it Third-Party tested. Also reading reviews of the company tells about its reputation. Find out the exact amount of CBD extract that is in the product and lastly make sure what is the THC content. 

How to take CBD?

CBD oil is a popular and easy way to consume cannabidiol. It gives instant effects and can be consumed in many ways. You can put a few drops under a tongue and wait up to one minute until it absorbs. Then just swallow the rest of it. You can also add CBD oil to give a little extra boost for your coffee or meal. It dissolves easily with other oil so it is easy to mix with seasonings too. Another common and tasty way is to eat CBD gummies. Each gummy contains the exact amount of cannabidiol. So it is easy to keep track of the quantity that is consumed. The gummies will first pass through the digestive system. So it takes a while to absorb into your bloodstream. There are also creams and lotions for topical uses and smoking possibilities. Marijuana for recreational use is commonly smoked. 

Benefits of CBD

Medical studies have shown CBD oil to be a potential remedy for many diseases. It has shown a therapeutic impact on the human body by reducing pain. Cannabidiol interacts with our brain receptors and the central nervous system. They are in a major role to control our body functions such as pain management, sleep, and appetite. It has shown to improve our mood as well and give a relief from stress. Patients with a lot of anxiety has found CBD beneficial to manage their symptoms. CBD provides a calming effect on body and mind. CBD is also completely natural and comes with none or very mild side-effects. It provides anti-inflammatory properties and that’s why it has been started to prescribe as an alternative for opioids. Opioids are strong painkillers, but in constant use, they build a tolerance. Unlike CBD. Cannabidiol is shown to be non-addictive. It provides the same benefits without the need of increasing the amount. That makes it suitable to treat patients that need long term solutions.