How To Recognize?
High-Quality CBD vs SCAM Products (fake CBD)

The CBD oil industry is growing very very fast. There are new products showing on the market every day. 

Yet, not all of them are good enough to be called “high-quality CBD oil”. 

Across so many products and brands, anyone buying, especially online, can become a little confused. 

While high-quality CBD oils and products are something we are all looking for, sometimes we might be tricked into thinking that particular product is of high-quality on paper or in ads, but when the reality check comes in, we find it closer to the “garbage” type of review and the products goes back to where it belongs, to thrash.

In this article, we want to show you some basics and how to recognize if the CBD oil you are going to buy is a high-quality one.

How to recognize high-quality CBD?

There are few traits of a high-quality CBD oils that you can check yourself, without any extra effort. 

Below, we have prepared 5 things that you should look into when choosing your next high-quality CBD oil. They are all a good indicator of how good of a quality the product you are going to buy or bough already really is.


Let’s start with something you can see right away, while holding the product, even unopened – the colour of CBD oil – which can be an indication of quality. You need to be careful with this indicator as the colour varies greatly and can depend on factors like extraction method used, carrier oil or additional ingredients.

So what’s the desired colour for a full-spectrum high-quality CBD oil?

It should appear as a dark green or brown.

Generally speaking, a green CBD oil is a good sign and an indication that there are plenty of cannabinoids and plant compounds in it and you have good full-spectrum oil.

Isolate type of CBD oils tend to have the colour of the carrier oil.


A big factor for the quality of the CBD oil is the source of oil and to be more specific, the better the source hemp material used to make the oil is the better and more high-quality an end product will be.

First, look at the claims, of where the hemp used to make the oil was grown. 

If the hemp plants used to make that CBD oil was grown in Europe or North America, they will be of a much better quality, simply because they need are under strict rules and guidelines by the countries laws.


The last on the list of basic things, that you should look at while searching for the high-quality CBD oil, should be in its origins. 

Best products, the ones of high-quality, are nearly all coming from a whole plant extract.

Why is that a good sign? 

By using a whole plant to extract the CBD oil you are getting the most value out of it – simply because the oil made with a whole plant extract is gonna have all the benefits inside it. This gives you an additional benefit of all cannabinoids and terpenes working together, called “the entourage effect”.

Overall, whole-plant extracts are believed to have a more powerful effect and better efficiency on how well the CBD work.


While as of now the THC is illegal in most of the USA (on a federal level), there is a legal limit of THC inside any product made from hemp, like a CBD oil, which is 0.3%

If the manufacturer uses hemp to make a high-quality CBD oil, it will always contain the minimal amounts of THC in it, always below those 0.3% – it’s always good to check this and it should be in the product description or on the products label.

This shouldn’t be a concern, because all the companies making quality CBD oils will use the hemp with minimal content of THC and third-party tests should confirm that they indeed have less than 0.3% THC in their CBD oils.


This is the part where a 3rd party, by doing research and checking the product inside their labs, will be able to tell you exactly what’s inside given CBD oil. 

By doing so, it can confirm if the brand is using a high-quality source material and making their CBD oil according to what you can find on the product label. 

The basic logic here is, if the brand is having a real, high-quality CBD oil, they will have no problem giving their products and paying for external tests, to confirm that their product is indeed a high-quality CBD oil. On the other hand, most “scam” and low-quality products will not be doing any forms of external testing cause it might show how bad they really are.

If you see third-party lab tests posted on a CBD oil manufacturer website, it’s always a good sign.