Getting your forklift licence is a great way of increasing your employment as a forklift driver in Australia. IF you already had your CFV license, it may be time to acquire an LO licence where heavy lift forklift classification is concerned. Forklift drivers must also be qualified in other areas such as fuel and safety, and of course, the correct forklift insurance. Here are some useful tips on what it takes to get your forklift licence:


First of all, it’s important to get a copy of your hands on training certificates or documents from any relevant companies that you have worked for. Check with the company if there is anything you did or didn’t do that would have disqualified you if you were trying to obtain your CFV license. There are often a number of criteria in addition to your training certificates that will need to be met in order to get your CFV. One thing that can disqualify you is if you have been convicted of a serious crime. Another thing is if you are working under contract in a foreign country. You should also be aware of the different rules of your particular country before applying for your forklift license in that country. There may be additional requirements.

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Once you have your forklift licence and training certificates in hand, the next step is getting yourself insured. Most people think that this is the most difficult part of the process, but it’s really quite simple. In fact, most companies now require you to have forklift insurance coverage on your vehicle as standard. This may not seem very important at first, but you’ll realize just how important it can be in the event of an accident. It can actually be a very large financial burden if you’re left without coverage. So it’s important that you have it up to date.