Cheap CBD Oil – Is There A Difference?

The short answer to this question is, yes’, there is a difference. There is a pretty significant difference between cheap and expensive CBD oil, which, unfortunately, many buyers don’t stop to consider. Like all fastgrowing industries, CBD oil is a victim of its own success, especially since the number of low quality and often cheap products outnumber highquality counterparts.

Misinformation campaigns often run by sellers and brands selling cheap CBD products and oil, lead people to believe that there is no reason to pay extra for quality. In reality, not all CBD products are equal, some are superior to others, and it is these excellent products which experts recommend people should use. But like everything superior, these high-quality CBD products are often expensive.

Corners are Cut to Make Cheap CBD Oil Possible

The techniques used to extract CBD from hemp vary from ones that use toxic and often harmful chemicals to CO2 extraction. CO2 extraction, is referred to as Supercritical CO2, is a superior technique but which requires equipment costing several thousand dollars, in addition to experienced professionals. The extraction process is run in an artificially lowtemperature environment and yields a superior extract.

Brands that are looking to cut corners can’t use Supercritical CO2 for obvious reasons. That’s why it is fair to assume that they are using toxic chemicals, which if anything affects the quality of your CBD oil. If you are planning on using CBD oil for health and wellness reasons, it is essential to make sure that regardless of the price, it isn’t extracted using toxic chemicals.

Cheap CBD Extract Comes from LowQuality Hemp

The quality of the hemp used is directly proportional to the quality of the final extract. Lowquality hemp leads to a lower quality extract. Unfortunately, regular people have no idea or at least are unable to tell if the hemp used to extract their CBD oil is high or low quality.

Today, there are many different sources of hemp, and each type has its own unique characteristics. High-quality products are derived from hemp, which is abundant in CBD and is cultivated while adhering to strict safety standards. Also, quality hemp plants are non-GMO, and mostly grown in the US and Northern Europe. Toxic chemical sprays and other non-organic methods aren’t part of the cultivation method. That’s why the resulting CBD is of the highest quality with no artificial toxic residue.

The best way to ensure that quality hemp was used is to buy CBD oil that was extracted from hemp grown in the US.

Packaged with Preservation in Mind

High quality and often expensive CBD products are packaged optimally to ensure that the cannabinoids are preserved. Good packaging helps to slow down the rate at which the CBD oil degrades and finally expires. That means it can be used for a longer time and will continue to be effective since the CBD isn’t exposed to light and air.

The packaging of a quality product will include informational labels which offer information about the product like standard serving sizes and tips for storing the CBD oil. While most people in the market for CBD oil may not think twice about packaging, the fact is that when you’re dealing with CBD, packaging

matters. Unfortunately, low quality and often cheap brands of CBD oil skimp on quality packaging to cut costs.

Hemp Oil is Often Mislabeled as CBD Oil

You have probably come across numerous hemp seed-based oils in the supermarket or local health food stores, along with other hemprelated products. While they may be labelled as hemp oil, the assumption many people make is that its “like CBD oil.” In fact, that is not the case. Unfortunately, many sellers of so-called cheap CBD Oil are often just selling hemp oil which may have trace amounts of CBD but can’t be classified as CBD oil.

Hemp seed oil is made from cold pressing the seeds. Since it comes from hemp seeds, it does have some CBD, and while it is an excellent source of nutrition with several amino acids, fatty acids, and minerals, it isn’t a substitute for CBD oil. The concentration of CBD in hemp seed oil is very low, which means that they shouldn’t be used as an alternative to CBD oil extracts.

Expensive CBD Oil is Often Lab Tested with a Report

We’ve noticed that as of late many CBD oil sellers both cheap and expensive tout having their products tested at 3rd party labs. However, you shouldn’t be expected to take their word for it. If the product has been tested, there should be a detailed report. If there no report or the lab at which the oil or product was tested isn’t certified, then its just a marketing ploy.

Generally, sellers of cheap CBD products don’t have the budget or the will to send their products for testing to a 3rd party lab. Furthermore, lab testing is an expense that they don’t want to bother with it because the goal is to undercut the competition with low prices.

Expensive CBD brands tend to get their products tested with a certification and detailed lab report. The report is available on the website and is highly detailed with every compound found clearly listed. That’s why with an expensive CBD product you can be sure of what’s in it.


While we acknowledge that ‘cheap’ and ‘expensive’ are relative terms, in the fast-paced CBD industry, it is a race to the bottom in terms of pricing. Everyone wants to buy a CBD product because they have heard how beneficial it can be. However, few understand that cheap products are more than often low quality and can’t be trusted. If you are using it to improve your health, it pays to buy a slightly higher priced product, but which will yield the results you desire. That’s why it pays to dig deep into the seller’s profile, the brand, and the product’s quality before buying any CBD product.