CBD Oils

WELLEN’s Pure, high-quality CBD Oil Drops are made from some of the best quality plants grown organically. When you buy online our premium quality CBD oil extracts include such popular flavors as mint, citrus, natural, and berry, each imbued natural flavor is inspected by experts ensuring the best experience. WELLEN guarantees you’ll enjoy each drop, and the scent of our naturally extracted, CBD oil while reaping the dozens of known health benefits it offers.


Why Wellens Cannabidiol Oil (CBD Oils) Is Different

CBD or Cannabidiol, as it is called, is one of the many compounds found in Cannabis Sativa L, commonly referred to as cannabis. However, it tends to make up 40% of the plant’s chemical composition.

Commonly available in online CBD products include massage oils, tinctures, gummies, etc. Furthermore, studies suggest that CBD oils show the potential of being able to alleviate numerous medical symptoms. CBD is also being studied as a possible cure for diabetes, Parkinson’s, anxiety, multiple sclerosis, joint issues and other ailments.

In addition to all the research being done into CBD oil and extracts, countless people swear by its use for everything from reducing inflammation to pain management. Older people have reported being free from joint pain, while younger people have discovered that it helps them overcome digestive issues, headaches, focus issues, anxiety, and general aches and pains.  

Unfortunately, not all CBD products and, in particular, oil is the same as many people assume. The quality and concentration of CBD oil vary with higher quality, more concentrated non-additive extracts being more effective. That is why at WELLEN CBD, our focus is producing and selling only quality full-spectrum CBD Oils extracted from organically grown hemp.

DOES Wellen CBD OIL Offer More Value?

At Wellen, we take our products and consumers’ health seriously. When your buy our CBD Oil online, be confident that you are receiving CBD in its purest form. It brings us great pleasure to know our customers will enjoy the quality of our products. 
CBD can bring you many benefits like a daily supplement. Taking your daily dose of hemp is easy. Directions:  take a daily dose (1-2) droppers under your tongue and allow it to sit for 20-30 seconds. This allows the CBD to enter into your system and you should feel the effects shortly after. 

Product Information Available Online

Per Dose: The fastest way we have found to take your CBD dose, is by placing  1ML ( 1 dropper full) under your tongue. This is an effective and fast way to get the CBD into your body and start receiving its natural benefits. Cannabidiol stimulates wellness, relaxation, clarity, and focus. While many people’s cannabinoid systems can react to CBD. Consumers can take 1-2 ML per day depending on their body’s ability to process. One 3OML bottle of our oil should last you between 25-30 days depending on need and what you are using it for. Buy our premium online cannabis product here: 

Non GMO CBD Oils

Our non-GMO CBD oils are 100% pure, highly concentrated extracts from top-quality hemp. It is very important our online buyers know that concentrations across a myriad of products sold may vary. However, we guarantee the concentration of every bottle of CBD Oil that bears our logo. All of our products are third-party lab tested to ensure quality.

Every bottle your buy online contains organic hemp extracts with THC levels below 0.3%, as mandated by law. However, it is essential to bear in mind that, according to experts, there are some minor risks associated with the usage of concentrated CBD oil. Some users may report minor adverse effects like dry mouth, low appetite, diarrhea, fatigue, and drowsiness. While these are indications that your CBD oil is highly concentrated, it is important to consult with a physician before using CBD oil to mitigate these effects. [Please refer to the recommended use section below]

WELLEN buyers can be assured that they will receive a premium product delivered at their doorstep, backed by a guarantee of purity by the brand. Our lab-tested, locally grown CBD oil is highly sensitive to heat, light, and excessive moisture. That’s why it is best stored in a cool, dry place.

HOW TO Order CBD OILS Online Easily

You’ll find three types of commonly available online CBD oil. Each type is slightly different from the rest.

  • Isolate:  Only has CBD, with no other cannabinoids.

  • Full Spectrum CBD oil: Contains all the cannabinoids which are naturally found in cannabis, which includes THC.

  • Broad Spectrum: It is the third most common type of CBD oil. It contains most of the cannabinoids found in cannabis except for having very low or no THC content.

Limited research suggests that CBD and THC when used together, bring about what’s called the entourage effect. In other words, they can be more effective when used together instead of as an isolate extract. That’s one reason why full-spectrum CBD oil is a lot more popular than isolate.

Recommended Use

Our CBD Oil package is bundled with premium quality, highly accurate 1ML dropper. 

A single 1ml dose and its effects may vary for each individual, some may require a higher dosage or additional dose than others. Since WELLEN CBD oil is highly potent and concentrated, we recommend dosing 1ML. Even if you have used other brands of CBD oil before, it is always a good idea to start with fewer drops when using our CBD extracts. The most effective way to achieve the benefits of our drops is to put under the tongue. 

We have found that the most effective and arguably the fastest way to take your dose of pure CBD oil is to fill a 1ML dropper and place it under your tongue. Consumers are advised to take around 1-2 ML a day, depending on how they feel. You should be able to notice the difference made by daily use of our CBD oil in the way of relaxation, wellness, and mental clarity with a couple of days. A 30ML bottle should be able to last you a month, depending on how it is used.

Best Practices for Consuming CBD Oil:

  • Always make sure to screw the cap back on after use. Airborne impurities can end up damaging the highly sensitive chemical composition of the oil.

General Potency CBD OIl Recommendation

One of the most confusing aspects of buying CBD oil online is deciding on the potency. WELLEN CBD oil comes in a few different potencies, i.e., 500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg, 3500mg and 5000mg.  The varying strengths cater to many different people, some of whom may require a higher potency dose than others to get the desired results.

Generally, people who are new to using pure, organic CBD oil will want to start at 500mg-1000mg. While there are no severe adverse effects, the benefit of starting at a lower dose is that it helps your body get used to the effects of CBD. The lowest potency does not mean that the oil is ineffective but instead signifies that it can deliver the same results at a lower price for new users. 

What IS The Right Strength CBD Oil To Buy?

WELLEN sells five different potencies of pure CBD oil, i.e., 500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg, 3500mg and 5000mg which are available in a variety of flavors. 

Every person is different, and consequently, their body will react differently to pure CBD oil. However, once you’ve initially narrowed down the right potency required. Make sure to buy enough and take enough of it to continue seeing benefits.

WELLEN CBD online oils are amongst the best, pure, and organic products available to buy online. Our products offer high concentrations of CBD oil extracted from organically grown hemp, which means that we don’t use pesticides or any other artificial growing techniques. The process we use ensures that our products are safe, legal, and affordable. That is why we continue to be a brand of choice trusted to deliver standardized premium quality concentrated CBD Oil to a growing community of enthusiasts.

Checking CBD Oils For Purity

WELLEN Guarantees that our CBD oil extracts are amongst the purest on the market. However, we don’t expect you to take our word for it. Check out our test results to ensure the quality of our products. 

The CBD market is largely unregulated, which can be a scary thought because the responsibility of buying a genuine product is up to the consumer. The number of low-quality products has many people weary of the possibility of ending up with something that at best does not work. At worst, they could contain health-endangering chemicals.

The common assumption amongst buyers is that full-spectrum CBD oil is going to be of high quality, but that isn’t always the case. A CBD product that has isolate or full-spectrum can be high quality, but only if it is produced using organic hemp plants. If the extraction methods like the ones we use are safe, the resulting product is lab tested, and only then should the product be considered high-quality.

The benefits of full-spectrum CBD products are the fact that they can trigger various effects, yet isolates have their own benefits. However, it all depends on the quality of the extracted oil.

How To Buy CBD Oil Online That Is Quality?

Also, buyers shouldn’t be conned by the statement made by some selling so-called “medical-grade CBD oil,” because the FDA has yet to approve CBD for medical use. The FDA has only approved Epidiolex, which contains CBD amongst other ingredients but is reserved for a certain subset of patients.

Fortunately, it is possible to distinguish a high-quality product from a scam if you know how. The color of CBD oil is a good indicator of its quality. However, here too, because the color varies, so it is crucial that you be careful using it as the sole measurement for quality. The color depends on factors like the extraction method used, the use of additional ingredients, and carrier oil used.

Full-spectrum extracts generally have a dark green to brown appearance while Isolates can be the simple color of their lighter almost clear carrier oil. Generally, darker CBD oil indicates that it has lots of plant compounds and cannabinoids, which could suggest a genuine full-spectrum product.

The Sources Matter

It is important to know where your CBD oil comes from because it defines the quality of the product. WELLEN makes an active effort to ensure that CBD oil is only extracted from high-quality hemp or cannabis plants are grown locally in Utah. 

However, CBD is also extracted from marijuana, which is less safe. The issue of using marijuana for extraction is that the resulting CBD oil has a higher THC or tetrahydrocannabinol content, which is illegal in several American states. It also means that the plant was probably grown in an unsafe environment with pesticides.

One way of knowing the source of your before you buy CBD oil is to check the brand’s website to find out where the plants were grown. Hemp plants cultivated in North America and Europe adhere to stricter regulation and guidelines, which in other words means they adhere to a higher standard compared to the rest of the world. That’s why cannabis plants grown in the US have little to no harmful byproducts, like heavy metals and chemicals in them.

Third-Party Tests Read Before You Buy

When in the market for CBD oil or other related products, make sure that the company you’re choosing to buy from has submitted to third-party lab testing. Reputable brands like WELLEN CBD will continue to invest to independently test to protect our customers. We use well-known labs renowned for their thorough, impartial testing.

The tests allow us to see and show our potential buyers that the products we sell to do not contain heavy metals, fertilizers, or any other chemicals. Plus, it helps highlight its cannabinoid content. If anything, independent testing of our products is to assure buyers that they are getting exactly what is promised on the label. We want our buyers to feel comfortable and benefit from using a product that we’ve worked so hard to offer in terms of quality and purity.

If a brand or seller does not subject their product to independent lab testing to prove quality, it is best to stay away from them. WELLEN CBD will be more than happy to answer any questions about our independent testing procedure.


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