CBD For Dancers If Your Dancing Competivly Can You Use CBD?

Dancing itself is physical activity. It puts pressure on our bodies but also on our mental health. Sometimes the pressure of the external appearance can distract our concentration. And in the worse case, slow down the learning process. CBD has helped me and many of my fellow dancers to stay focused on what matters the most. And it gets even better because it’s completely natural. Adding CBD to your daily routine can be a life-changing experience. It will help you reach your goals while you fall in love with a journey. 

CBD and performance 

An important show, audition or competition coming up? You want to do your best possible performance but the stress is starting to take over. CBD can help to boost your performance in many ways. CBD has shown to impact on your central nervous system and brain receptors. They are in charge of normal body functions. Therefore, CBD helps your body and mind to calm down while still keeping your mind sharp. That gives you an opportunity to feel limitless and confident when you walk up to the stage. That is exactly the state of mind we are all aiming for, right? CBD oil also gives you an instant effects. It is effortless to carry around and it is easy to take a little bit before your performance. It is a great way to reduce stress and make that massive audience a little less scary. CBD will keep your mind in the moment and allows you to direct all your focus on the performance. 

CBD for mental stability  

They say, that mental health is the key to success. I, as a dancer, couldn’t agree more. When your mind is stable and stressfree, you can put all your focus on your performance. Dancers know what it’s like to be constantly under a lot of pressure. The industry is competitive and you are being watched all the time. A strong and healthy mind is the number one thing, we need to take care of. As a dancer, your performance is simply being judged by how it looks from the outside. So the external appearance might add some extra pressure. It easily increases stress levels and accumulates on the inside. To ease the stress, CBD provides a calming effect on your mind. It affects quickly and can be taken at any time of the day. You will straight away feel the relief from stress and anxiety. Dancing is a lifestyle and not only a temporary event. CBD is also a sustainable solution to keep your mind stable and motivated long-term. CBD is not addictive and it doesn’t build tolerance like other medical supplements. So, there is no need to increase the intake of CBD. And you will keep getting the same benefits. For example, opioids, are powerful pain killers but your body becomes resistant for them in long-term use. CBD also comes with mild or no side effects, which makes it even better remedy and natural alternative for other medications.

CBD benefits on a daily basis of a dancer

CBD helps to manage many issues you might be dealing with on a daily basics. Sometimes, the hectic lifestyle of a dancer gets a little too overwhelming. Obviously, a late-night studio times and early morning auditions don’t always compliment the goodnight sleep. At some point, we simply struggle to fall asleep. Whether it’s the excitement or concern about the upcoming day. CBD helps you to get better rest overnight. Taking a larger amount of CBD before going to bed, will help your body and mind to relax. It is easier to fall asleep and fully let your body recover during the deeper sleep. Wouldn’t it be amazing to wake  up feeling fresh, optimistic and ready to hit a new day? Smaller doses of CBD can boost your alertness and help you stay focused throughout the day. That being said, legally sold products contain very low levels of THC (less than 0.3%), and it doesn’t make you high. So it keeps your mental clarity on point and doesn’t cause any psychoactive effects. 

Dancing, sport, and CBD

CBD oil is a safe and natural remedy for professional dancers as well. If you are taking part in worldwide or national competitions, you don’t have to worry about the doping tests. World anti-doping committee deleted CBD from the list of prohibited substances in 2018. As a professional dancer, the training schedule is very intense. Long-lasting trainings are a lot to handle for our physical body. Also, you need to push the movements to the maximum to know how far you can go. And how fast you can go. To do it day after day, full recovery is inevitable. If your body doesn’t have the time to recover, extreme movements can lead to an injury. In the event of an accident, your body often reacts with inflammation. CBD supports muscle recovery and is also known to treat injuries. CBD has anti-inflammatory features that help your body to heal. It will also reduce the pain, and provide faster recovery. CBD has a calming impact on your mind. So, it will also ease the mental struggle that you experience when the injury happens. 

All in all, CBD is a wonderful addition to your daily life. I highly recommend all the dancers, artists and other athletes to give it a try. Start small and see how your body reacts. Increase the amount little by little if you feel the need. Feel the boost on your energy levels and positive lift in your mood. I guarantee that all that is only a few drops away. We all deserve that extra support for our mental and physical health.