Can CBD Help You with Your Weight Loss?


Wouldn’t it be nice, like really nice, if you could combine your weight control efforts with a natural product that helps your body in many more ways, then just one, while at the same time helps you control your weight? 

Of course, we are not looking here for another “magic pill” type of product or solution for all the weight loss problems. If there would be such a product out there, that is supposed to magically make all the hard work for you, when you try to lose weight, we would already know about it. We don’t cause such a thing simply does not exists, regardless of claims made by different companies and products, trying to deceive you into believing this is possible. 

Instead, I’m thinking more about something, which is more like a personal assistant or helper, adding some extra health-related benefits and in a result, somehow multiplying all the weight loss efforts, in some way.

While there are many, already more researched and well-known benefits of using CBD oils we are already aware of, due to some of the cannabinoids and how they work and interact inside the human body, there is a small chance that it might also have a positive impact on weight loss efforts.

So the main question is:

Can CBD oil, be “that” natural product, that already has a lot of well-known health benefits included inside, but besides the ones that we already know about, could it be interacting with a human body in a way, that can help with weight loss? If so, how could that be possible?

To answer the question above, as well as just for a pure fun gathering more knowledge about CBD and how it works, I took some time and did the research, looking for potential benefits the CBD could be giving our bodies, in terms of losing weight.

How CBD oils, could potentially be helping you and your body to lose some weight? 

There are 4 potential ways, the CBD, could be helping with the weight loss process.

  • By Reducing Your Appetite

CBD is showing a potential to block off some of the molecules and shutting off receptors responsible for the appetite and in a result, preventing some people from overeating. 

There is an animal study from 2012, which found that exposure to CBD in rats, was reducing their appetite. We still need studies done on humans in order to get the data and facts about its effects on humans.

  • By Turning Bad Fat Into Good Fat

What is even more promising, in terms of CBD helping with weight loss, is the fact that during a 2016 study, some researchers have found that CBD can be playing multiple roles in interactions of body with fat.

This still needs a bit more studies done on humans to be a proven fact, but the potential is already there. CBD helps in the process of converting white fat cells into brown fat cells as well as it stimulated the body to break down fat cells a lot more effectively.

If further research on this CBD interaction with fat cells inside human bodies will be done, it might prove that CBD can be really helpful in preventing obesity.

Similar state, in which the white fat cells gets converted into brown fat cells, is achievable when you get your body to exercise. 

  • By Burning Fat

Adding to the previous point, while CBD might be helping in the process of turning white fat cells into brown fat cells, this can give an additional benefit of better fat burning inside the body – we assume that the brown fat cells are the more active form of fat because they are burning off energy as heat, which helps burn more calories.

  • By Reducing The Possibility of Metabolic Disorders

According to this research notes from 2018, there is a link between obesity and metabolic disorders, like type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure.

By blocking off the CB1 receptors, CBD might be helping in reducing the risk of obesity – in addition to that, using CBD as a treatment, resulted in reducing total cholesterol levels by about 25% in obese rats.

Antioxidant effects of CBD, as well as it’s anti-inflammatory, is also considered to be the reason behind decrease in blood sugar levels and making the liver more healthy.

CBD can potentially be very beneficial to weight loss, but more research is needed.

What is also a notable fact that researchers have found, when reviewing a group of 50000 people, about 22% – 25% of those reporting no marijuana use in the past year were obese, compared to a rate of only 14% – 17% among those who used cannabis at least 3 days per week.

As you can see, CBD offers many benefits that could really help the weight loss process, inside the human body. The only problem with the current state of knowledge about the CBDs and how they can positively affect weight loss is lack of research.

Although CBD is still kind of a new kid on the block, with more and more countries going less restrictive about the CBD/hemp related laws, we should see more results of studies and research done about cannabinoids and at some point, we might get enough proven information about it’s impact on the weight loss.

Currently, most of the potential benefits that CBD oil can give you in weight loss, are still closer to assumptions then fact-checked and backed by research data.


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