Since the Farm Bill passed at the end of 2018. Which legalized the use of hemp products in the United States. There has been more discussion circling the application CBD and today’s NFL athletes.
Not only has there been a recent explosion in the consumer and retail markets around CBD. The use of cannabinoid products and the sports world has been finding intersections. Cannabinoid products have become a viable treatment for athletes. Used as an alternative to regular anti-inflammatory medicines such as IB-Profin.  
It’s important to understand the difference between Cannabinoid  hemp and traditional THC Marijana. THC is illegal for NFL athletes to consume in most sporting leagues.   
Cannabinoid oil is a compound found within the cannabis plants. Cannabinoid has taken the world by storm as a wellness supplement for NFL players. Stand-alone CBD products have no actual THC drug in it.  So CBD by itself gives it’s user all the health benefits of marijuana, without the head change (the high). This does not expose NFL players to the illegal substance (THC) that traditional Marijuana plants do
This Cannabinoid oil interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid responders. This will go a long way to regulate one’s inflammation, pain, focus, appetite, anxiety, and one’s mood.

Newly Adjusted CBD Rules For The NFL

In early 2018, The World Anti-Doping Agency. Which is the guiding regulatory organization for all major professional sports. Removed CBD from the banned substances list. This lead to many American professional sports organizations to follow suit and adjust its stance on Cannabinoid. Hopefully the National Football League will follow suit and allow usage for the players.
Professional Hockey, (NHL) pro Baseball, (MLB) and pro golf (PGA). Were the first adopters to make the adjustments in their leniency on the matter. While pro basketball (NBA) and pro football (NFL) have been slow to the party.  The most recent CBA agreement with the NFL’s players union and the ownership groups. In March of 2020 includes theadjusted rules in favor of cannabinoid substances as approved for player’s usage

How Can CBD Help NFL Players?

The sport of American football (NFL) has always been demanding sport both physically and mentally. It is very important that a football player takes his health in both regards.  If the proper precautions and preparations are not taken. It will cost the athlete’s success on the field of play as well as his wellbeing.  
The injuries that can be sustained in the NFL, range from ligament injuries to muscle tears to concussions. From the feet and ankles, knees, back injuries, spinal injuries, shoulder injuries all the way to brain trauma. The sport of football is so violent and fast, there are a limitless number of injuries that can occur on the field. 

CBD Can Potentialy Help Brain Injuries In The NFL

Of all the injuries that are possible on the field of play, a concussion and brain injury has proven to be the biggest threat in today’s game. An injury to the brain is one that can take its biggest toll on a former player years after one’s career.  The degenerative brain disease known as CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy). Has claimed the health of many former NFL football players. Causing severe depression, dementia and in the worst cases, suicide. 
While there isn’t much that can be done about CTE after the disease has settled in. Regular CBD oil has also shown to offer something called “neuroprotection.” CBD oil has shown to have neuroprotective properties. That with regular usage, may have the ability to limit the damage that one endures to the brain as well as the progression of a disease like CTE. Cannabinoid can also offer relief to a former athlete in the form of aid to depression and anxiety. 

CBD As An Anti-Inflamatory For NFL Players

Further down the body, there are many applications for NFL players and CBD. As an incredible alternative to pain medications and ant-inflammatories like IB-Profin.  A regular dosage can offer football athletes a number of health benefits that suffer from pain symptoms. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD can have a profound effect on how the body heals in times of recovery.  
Using Cannabinoid oil as an alternative to pain medications isn’t limited to IB-Profin. To use Cannabinoid in the NFL. Instead of more serious and more addictive pain medications like opioid-based prescriptions. Are much more sustainable and offer a pain-ridden football athlete an alternative. That doesn’t have the addictive properties that today’s prescription pain medications do.  
Based on the facts available, the clear conclusion is that CBD is a must-have in a football athlete’s regular supplement routine.  For use as an anti-inflammatory. For neuroprotection, for a non-addictive pain aid that helps with anxiety and depression. It’s clear that CBD is here to stay as a staple to any mindful athlete’s diet.

With so many different CBD options, which one is right for you?

Do some reading about application method and dosage, and find the best CBD oil, CBD creams, or CBD gummies for you. Pay attention to whether a product is full-spectrum or isolate. 

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