CBD For Animals

You can also incorporate CBD to boost the life of your beloved pet. It is made out of pure and natural ingredients and is safe to use for animals just like for us. The effects of CBD are highly similar to humans and animals. It is a great way to manage different conditions such as pain, anxiety, and inflammation. It affects your nervous system that helps to keep your body in a healthy and stable state. When purchasing CBD for pets, it is important to make sure it has a very tiny amount of THC or preferable is completely THC free, which is the psychoactive ingredient. When pets consume THC, it may lead to unexpected and unwanted reactions that may be dangerous for your pet’s well-being.

What Every Pet Owner Needs To Know

Osteoarthritis is a very common issue for dogs, and CBD has been proven on healing with certain arthritic conditions because of its anti-inflammatory effects. CBD will also provide instant pain relief for your pet’s comfort as well as anti-nausea effects. It is also known to control seizure conditions 

There are CBD products and treats made specifically to pets. The best and safest option is in the form of oil or tincture. That allows you to also adjust the portion size to drop by drop.

How To Give CBD To Your Pet

When you give CBD to your pet, you should start with a small serving size to see how much is good for your pet. In general, the portion size will be based on their weight. So for a tiny pet, a smaller amount is required to feel the effects. And for bigger pets, larger portion. Each package comes with a recommended serving size and according to your pet’s weight, you can adjust the portion size.

Dosage & Risks

Every medication always comes with a risk of side effects and bad reactions. That’s why it is extremely important to start slow when trying new supplements and precisely keep track of the process and efficacy of the product. High consumption of CBD might cause side effects to your pet. The most common is low blood pressure that may appear as light-headedness and sleepiness. This is common for human as well, especially if you are already having naturally low blood pressure. Another side effect can be dry mouth as CBD might reduce the production of saliva. As CBD causes a calming effect for humans, in some cases it might appear as drowsiness for dogs. Especially when given large  serving size. 

Speak To Your Vet First

The most potential risk for giving CBD to your pet is too big serving size or consumption THC. Overdose can cause serious problems for your pet’s health and it can last for days.  If you notice any unnormal behavior, lack of appetite or difficulties to move, take your pet to the doctor immediately. To minimize the risks, strictly stick to dosing sizes.

How To Administor CBD To Your Pet

Before giving any CBD treats for your pet, it is highly recommended to consult with your veterinarian first, as we don’t know for sure what amount of CBD will be too toxic for your pet. Also when you are purchasing the product, you want to make sure it is an organically grown high-quality product. Always  look for products that are completely free from additives and can provide pure treatment for your dog. Sometimes, especially the cheaper options contain dangerous substances such as heavy metals and various pesticides. Also the amount of CBD varies between brands and product. You want to make sure each individual product provides the information of THC quantity and amount of CBD that is in the product.