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About Us – WellenCBD

WellenCBD is a company that has grown out of the necessity for credible, pure, and high-quality CBD products. We are committed to manufacturing the best possible CBD products to ensure that our clients experience results that are nothing short of exceptional. At WellenCBD, you can be assured that every product from edibles to capsules and topical creams come backed by stringent, independent laboratory testing.

Every product bearing the WellenCBD branding is made with scientific thoroughness, mixed in with homegrown pride. Most if not all, our hemp is grown right here in the US, across various farms, and every product is rigorously tested using the latest instruments that can detect the minutest of impurities. Our goal has always been to set the bar for offering the highest quality CBD oil and related products, by making sure that they are tested and pass with flying colours.

Our Mission

WellenCBD is imbued with the simple mission of helping you by creating top-quality products. One of our goals is to be the leaders of a new generation of people who use products like CBD to improve their health. The purity of every product is achieved through innovation, scientific testing and cutting-edge formulation that’s done right here, in WellenCBD’s own labs.

Building credibility for WellenCBD is all about doing good by our buyers, clients and suppliers. Thanks to our customers, we’ve been able to improve our processes in more ways than one. Your feedback has helped us become a more responsible company that prides itself of helping others. We intend on furthering just causes by partnering with organizations that support community-driven causes so that we can give back to the communities that have given us so much.

Proudly Made in the USA

We in no way try to circumvent the law to cut costs. Our goal is not to reduce costs but to improve every product we sell to you. That’s why all the hemp we use to manufacture our products are grown and processed in the US. Our hemp is grown in local farms across the country. We use organic farming methods to ensure that insecticides or other chemicals are never even a tiny part of our end product.

CBD is then extracted from this high-quality hemp in medical-grade white rooms. Our facilities adhere to the highest standards of cleanliness, and our staff is experienced. All of which allows us to derive a high-quality product.

Unsurpassed Purity

One of the reasons we created WellenCBD was because we saw a market for pure CBD products. However, manufacturing pure CBD is a lot more challenging than many people assume. However, our meticulous approach, coupled with excellent hygiene ensures unsurpassed purity.

Our products are medical grade and are regularly sent for independent testing. We are also more than happy to provide certificates of analysis which shows the potency and purity of our products. Furthermore, we put in a great deal of effort to ensure that our products are free from THC as well as any other minor psychoactive agent.

Excellent Customer Service

We are passionate about the CBD products we create. However, in addition to producing industry-leading products, WellenCBD is also on a mission to educate customers. That’s why we’ve invested in building one of the best customer service systems in this industry. Not only do we deliver guidance but also offer advice allowing you to make the best decision.

A Trusted Source of CBD Products

WellenCBD should be your only source of CBD products, as it is now for a growing number of our clients. We stand by our product and are here if you need us.

Welcome to the WellenCBD community!