5 Things In History That Hemp Was Used For


You probably already know at least a thing or two about hemp and what can it be used for. 

We still have a lot to learn and research about the hemp to discover it’s full potential and benefits and many different industries and products, that it can be used for, for sure. There is a lot of potential in it, some we have already discovered and made use of it already – and each time it was already used in something/to make something, we find even more and better ways of using it in future.

To inspire you a bit and show you what the hemp was used for, we have created this list of 5 things that we found the hemp made its way to.

So here we go!

Here is the list of 5 Amazing Things, that Hemp was used for:



That is correct! The original U.S. constitution or at least the paper that was used to write it on, was made out of hemp. 

At the time when the U.S. constitution was proclaimed and written on paper, hemp was a very big industry and because of many uses in day-to-day items, and one of them was the paper, it’s not a big surprise that it become part of the USA history beginnings.

The colonial farmers, back in the 1700s, were required to grow hemp. Even Thomas Jefferson, one of the founding fathers of U.S. constitution, once said: 

“Hemp is of the first necessity to the wealth and protection of the country”.


There was a prototype of a car, made by the Henry Ford himself, that used soybean, plastics and hemp was also used to make many of the car’s elements. It was all back in 1941 already.

The amazing thing about using hemp in a mix with soybean and plastics was that this compound was not only lighter than steel but also it was able to withstand 10x bigger forces (on impact), without making a dent.

As for the house building using hemp, it become more popular of a material recently, simply because the walls made out from hemp are free from pest, rot, mold, they are also fire-resistant and can be completely biodegraded.


Of course, we couldn’t forget about the hemp-based high-quality CBD oils while creating this list of 5 amazing things that hemp was used for. 

The health benefits of the CBD oils are yet still to be discovered in full and better documented, after more research is done on it, but from what we already know, there is more than plenty of health benefits for us, humans, from using the hemp-based CBD oil.

Check out some of the other articles, here on our blog, where we have gone into more details about CBD oil and it’s benefits.


This really is a big thing for raw hemp seeds. There is a ton of different and very helpful nutrients inside the seeds that our bodies are basically always hungry for more of.

Let’s start with those helpful unsaturated fatty acids like omega 3 and 6 as well as a lot of proteins. Following those, you can find lots of Vitamin E antioxidants, electrolytes and even essential micro-elements like magnesium, iron, zinc, potassium and calcium.

Plus there are some more “exotic” sounding nutrients inside: phosphorus, strontium, thorium and chromium.


Those fatty omega 3 acids that can be found inside the hemp seeds are an excellent moisturizer for your skin. Especially with cases of dry, dehydrated or “tired” skin, the hemp oil comes extremely useful.

By increasing the skin’s elastic capacity as well as the retention of water in skin tissue, hemp oil can make a big difference and help you a lot with your skin problems. And it’s as close to natural skincare product as one might get.

As you can see for yourself, this is just a shortlist of 5 amazing things that hemp was used for and some of them can benefit you as well, give a high-quality hemp-based CBD oil a try:



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